Just To See You Again

The monster inside,

It holds him back

From anything he will ever love.

It scares him into corners;

Shadows his every step.

He hides in dark, closed-in spaces.

He is frightened of what will happen if he,

Just once,

Steps out of the deafening shadows;

Afraid that the monster and its darkness

Will engulf him once more,

Just when he thinks he is free.

The angel inside,

It is the creation of her humanity;

The being holding up her innocence;

Her halo.



And delicate,

She pretends to be copacetic.

She has been taught no less

Than to see light;

To see the good in every situation.

He continues to live in a world of fear.

A world where, one day,

He hopes to see light.

But for now,

Darkness and its monster rule his very being,

Drowning him in nothing but sin and lust.

She co-exists in a universe of happiness.

A universe where she blocks out all negative energy;

All darkness that is not to be seen by her jewelled eyes.

But now she has encountered a being that is nothing more

Than a minion of darkness itself.

Darkness has closed around his soul,

Making him an empty shell.

It has made it clear

That it never wants him to feel love again;

That he is nothing but a filthy creature,

Who will never live in light.

But she sees light in him…

Feeling little fear for the possible loss of her humanity,

She approaches him and says,

‘You will bend and you will break.

You will want to give,

But you will only take.

You will never know what you have

Until it is gone.’

The words sang in the air.

She did not know that one day

She would be the one with the loss.

Colliding together,

They fight every battle

Side by side.

Darkness tries its hardest to separate such a beautiful thing,

But light fights evil’s endless wars.

He sees the girl who radiates angelic light;

She sees the boy who tries to hide his demons inside.

He looks to her for guidance;

She looks to him for shelter.

While Heaven floats over her,

Hell lingers over him.

She bites her tongue;

He holds his breath;

For if anyone finds out what they know,

It could unleash Hell.

Now she sits here,

Writing this poem

Only to say:

You promised that you would never leave me.

That you were there to stay.

But the addiction got to you…

Now you lay there soulless

In your king sized bed;

Never to take another breath

Of the fresh air of a new day.

With your eyes closed tight,

And your lifeless body,

It has become clear to me

That I will never see you again.

Here is what is left of me.

Here is what is left of the person you left.

Heartless and empty.

I will never heal.





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