About “Behind Every Wallflower”

I am seventeen years old, but I am not your typical teenager. I have had a rough life thus far. Sure, you hear that from tons of teens these day – “My life is so terrible. It couldn’t get any worse.” – when in reality, it couldn’t get any easier. The typical response from an adult is “You’re just a teenager. You don’t know anything.” I’m almost certain that I can prove otherwise.

I don’t know how anyone will feel about this blog. In all honestly, it’s for people who need someone that they feel like they can relate to. It will be geared more towards people of younger ages (teens), wallflowers, who are dealing with the how stressful life can get and feel like they’re alone in this world. The blogs I put up will probably be rants most of the time. I’m not here to ask for criticism, I’m here to vent when I feel the need to. And, since I can’t seem to communicate properly with anyone, this is the way.


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